How to Send Voice Tweets on Twitter

The world of social media is increasingly transforming into a place where platforms borrow features from each other. This trend can sometimes seem repetitive, yet it often yields fantastic results. Take Twitter as an example. They’ve recently added the ability to send voice notes, a tool that most other social media networks have already incorporated.

Send Voice Notes to DMs on Twitter

If you’re unsure how to send voice notes on Twitter, don’t worry – the process is pretty simple. What you need to do first is navigate to your direct messages. Once you’re there, open up the conversation where you wish to send the voice note. From there, it’s pretty easy.

Open the Twitter app on your phone and go to the DMs section in the app. If it’s the first time since the Twitter update, you’ll be greeted by this wonderful message.

You’ll notice that in the far right of your Start your message area, it’s a little soundwave icon. Click on it. Now you’re in recording mode, and you have just 140 seconds to finish what you have to say. I’d say it’s more than enough.

Fear not, if the timer ends or you press the Stop button, Twitter will not automatically send your message. You have the option to listen to it again and to Cancel it. If you swipe up again on the soundwave, you’ll send the message to your DM recipient.

It’s worth noting that currently, this feature doesn’t appear for all recipients, which probably means that the update is still rolling or users need to update their Twitter app.