Icon Configuration Utility: Make sure you never lose your desktop layout

Certain applications, switching to another resolution and a few other actions can cause desktop icons to be rearranged. Even if you’re not the tidiest person and your desktop is a mess, at least it’s your own mess and you know how to find your way through it.

There are a few ways to make sure your desktop layout remains the same, and one of the easiest is using Icon Configuration Utility. This free application lets you save multiple desktop layouts and restore any of them at a later time.

Installation & Requirements

Icon Configuration Utility (ICU) is portable, so double-clicking on the executable will simply launch the program and create a subfolder to store settings, where the .exe file is located. Also, any layout you save will be stored in the same location.

The program runs under Windows XP Service Pack 3, Vista and 7. However, the developer states ICU might work on other Windows versions, but they haven’t been officially tested.


To be honest, ICUs interface is not very attractive. Even so, the program does its job right, and the number of included features is low enough so even a rough design works. Under the list of all saved desktop layouts the 5 buttons provide ICUs main functions (save, restore, delete, duplicate and about).

Any saved layout can be edited through the available right-click menu. Options include selecting the action for unknown icons (newly added icons after the saved layout), delete, restore and duplicate.

Other options included in ICUs interface are setting a warning for the cases when Auto-arrange or Align to Grid options are enabled and installing/uninstalling ICU Contextmenu Integration (DCI). This basically adds a new entry called ICU, to the Windows context menu. From there, users can save the current layout, open the program’s settings or restore any of the saved layouts.


– Straightforward installation with no bundled adware.
– ICU is also available as a portable application.
– Desktop layouts can be saved, restored and edited.
– Offers the option of installing context menu integration.


– None worth mentioning.


– IconRestorer
Desktop Restore


Icon Configuration Utility allows users to make sure their desktop layout never gets lost. Along with a few extra options such as setting automated placement of newly created icons, ICU is very easy to use, and even more accessible through its context menu integration option.