Implosion: Never Lose Hope – Badge Hunting Guide

The premium hack and slash Action-RPG Implosion has been out for a few weeks now, and so far I’ve hardly seen any negativity towards the game. I personally gave it a very good review, as have many other reputable mobile gaming sites. If you’ve played the game, which I’m assuming most of you have since you’re checking out a guide, you know that collecting badges is very important — which is why I’ve compiled a quick guide to help you secure those badges a bit easier. Before we start, I recommend you take a look at our Implosion Tips & Tricks if you haven’t already, as these will also help you in collecting badges (as well as other areas of the game).

How do badges work, and what are they for?

For the true beginners who are still grasping the concept of badges, it’s really very simple. Each mission has a few different bonus objectives that reward you with a badge, and when you collect enough badges, you’ll unlock a special reward. The rewards are pre-determined, although some of them give you a choice between a few different options, usually a few different ARKs. The most notable badge reward comes at 42 badges, when you unlock a new character — Crimson.

The Secret Room

There are a couple of badges awarded for opening the secret room in the level, which is simply the locked door that you need to hack into. It’s really easy to unlock these, as you just need a high enough hack level equipped in your ARKs to open the door. If you don’t have any ARKs with a hack level, you should be able to buy one from the shop for a reasonable amount of credits.


Knock out the easier badges first

If you look at all of the different badge requirements, it’s pretty obvious that some of the badges are a lot easier than others. For example, smashing all of the containers in a level is a pretty straight-forward and hard to mess up task, and compared to not utilizing any shield in the level or never getting knocked down — it’s pretty much a cakewalk. You may think that hard mode badges are automatically going to be more challenging than normal mode badges, but this is not always the case. Certain hard mode badges, such as ones rewarded for simply completing the level, can be a lot easier than taking no damage in normal mode.

Focus on campaign progression

I would highly recommend that you focus on progressing through the campaign on normal mode before going back and trying to unlock any badges you’ve missed. Usually, you’ll be able to obtain the easiest badges as you play the game, and any ones that you missed are going to be harder to achieve. By progressing further, you’ll level up more and get better ARKs, which will make it easier when you go back and try to get any missing badges.


On the other hand, if you ever get stuck on a mission, you’ll want to go back and play previous missions to grind some EXP or try to get some better ARKs. In this case, you may as well try to score some extra badges while you’re at it.

Speed Runs

A common badge requirement is to complete the level in x amount of seconds, and there’s a couple of ways you can make this a bit easier on yourself. You may be tempted to open up the secret room in the level, or go out of your way to smash more containers — refrain from doing either of these. It’s also not a very good idea to try and complete another badge requirement at the same time, because that will only slow you down as well.

01534338e369941479b0382a4fd7a076d6a5cf85d1Make sure you are utilizing your RA effectively as well, as that will help you complete the level faster. Don’t use an AoE ability, or something that costs a large chunk of RA, on just a single enemy. Always focus on the directional arrow and be constantly moving towards your next objective, and you shouldn’t have a problem unlocking these badges.

Final Tips

  • For the zero health packs used badges, try to avoid smashing any containers in the level, as the health packs can easily gravitate to you and cause you to fail the badge requirement — even if you are at full HP when you use the health pack.
  • For the break no containers badge, try to refrain from using range weapons, as they can easily shoot a container on accident.
  • For the ballistic kills only badge, you do not need to do 100% of your damage with ranged weapons. Instead, you should carefully melee the enemies down to low HP, and then finish them off with your SMG or any other ranged weapon you may be using.
  • For the no damage taken badge, you can still take damage to your shield without failing. You’ll notice a different badge that says no shield utilized, which requires you to not get hit throughout the level.

Thanks for checking out this guide on how to efficiently go Badge Hunting in Implosion: Never Lose Hope. Feel free to ask any questions, or share your own badge hunting tips, in the comments section below!