How To: Use Samsung’s hidden hearing test to improve sound quality on Samsung Galaxy

While stock Android is the most appreciated form of Google’s mobile OS, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI comes with both pros and cons. One of the useful features it bundles is the ability to improve sound quality on Samsung Galaxy using a somewhat obscure hearing test.

This is not a new feature, but not a popular one either. Even so, the Samsung hearing test which is called Adapt Sound allows you to improve sound quality on Samsung Galaxy devices and it does that in a unique manner.

It works by testing your hearing, so all the optimizations performed are personalized – it really can’t get any better than this. The best part is taking the test is super quick and it results in a significant improvement.

Improve sound quality on Samsung Galaxy using the Adapt Sound feature

The setting we’re about to use is available on Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 6.0 or a newer version, so you will need to ensure your smartphone or tablet fulfills this requirement.

Open the Settings app and navigate to Sounds and vibration -> Sound quality and effects -> Adapt Sound.

On the next screen, tap on ‘Personalize sound’ and follow the instructions. You will be prompted to connect a pair of headphones to your Samsung device, put them on and ensure you are in a quiet location, preferably with no background noise.

Then you can tap on Start and you will listen to several beeps at a low volume and varying frequencies. After each beep you will be asked if you’ve heard it. Answer accordingly and Adapt Sound will use this information to create an equalizer profile customized for you.


The entire test takes just a few minutes and once it’s over you will be asked which ear you prefer to use for phone calls. As soon as you make your selection, Adapt Sound will globally apply the newly created custom sound profile.

If you’d like to see exactly the difference between the old settings and the new ones, play some music and return to the Adapt Sound menu and temporarily disable it.

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