Inbox by Gmail will soon get better delete options, signatures and more

Inbox by Gmail is one of Google’s ambitious projects focusing on a new take of the classic email client. The app includes some cool and unique features that were designed to speed up common email related tasks.

For example, similar messages are grouped in Bundles and the Highlights feature offers the most important information contained by the messages you receive, at a glance. These and other features give Inbox a lot of potential, but the truth is, the app also comes with limitations, which for now prevent it from becoming a viable alternative to the Gmail client.

One of the essential features which lacks from Inbox is the ability to add signatures – especially useful for businesses and organizations. Also, the app is not currently equipped with proper support for batch delete operations, something which most definitely made a lot of users return to their previous email client.

Apparently, things are about to change as the development team recently joined a Google+ conversation sharing they’re currently working on email signatures and improved delete options for Inbox.

“We’re working on both Signatures and Delete. Pin and Snooze are both designed to replace mark as unread.”

As you can see from their answer, Inbox is not going to get a ‘mark as unread’ option. The app has replaced this basic feature with the Pin and Snooze functions, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The bad news is, besides the above mentioned limitations, there are various other small annoyances within the app, although it looks like the development team is avidly working to improve Inbox.

If you haven’t tried Inbox by Gmail yet, you should know the app requires an invite and it’s also available for iOS users.. You can receive an invitation from a friend who already has access to Inbox or by sending an e-mail to – you’re probably going to have to wait for that invite if using the second option.

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