Instadict lets you view a word’s meaning on almost any screen

Smartphones have been designed for convenience but even with all the hardware and software advancements, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Reading is probably one of the most common actions taken on a smartphone – it doesn’t matter if you’re reading a recipe, a book or someone’s message.

Obviously, it can often happen that we come across a word we don’t quite understand. Of course, there are many dictionary apps available but why bother to open one when there’s an even simpler way to view a word’s definition?

Instadict is a cool free app that lets you view a word’s meaning on practically any screen. There’s no need to leave the current app or screen – with Instadict installed you just need to copy the word and shake your device horizontally.

The word’s definition will quickly be displayed in a pop-up message. Furthermore, you don’t even need to be connected to the Internet for the app to work as it also supports offline mode.

However, if you want to use Instadict while offline you will need to download the language dictionary you wish to use from the app’s Play Store page. For now, the language selection is a bit limited as Instadict supports only English, French, Italian and Spanish.

To install the app and/or download dictionary packs visit the Play Store link below:

Download Instadict (Google Play Store)

Once you download one or more dictionaries, word definitions will be just a shake away. What do you think about Instadict and what other good dictionary apps have you used so far?

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