How To: Install Cortana for Android right now

Cortana, the digital assistant developed by Microsoft for Windows 10 and Windows Phone also has an Android version, that’s still in the works. While it hasn’t been released officially, the app has leaked and the APK is now available for download.

Sure, it is still in beta, so naturally bugs can occur, but we couldn’t help ourselves but test it and so far it’s working great. With that said, anyone with an Android device running 4.0 ICS or a newer version can install and use Cortana right now. Here are the complete details on how to do it:

Download and install Cortana

Since we’re talking about an APK file here, and not a Google Play app, your phone must be able to install apps from sources other than the Play Store. Enable the “Unknown sources” option found in Settings – Security (or Lock screen and security) if you haven’t already.

Now simply download the APK file from APKMirror and run it. The first thing you need to do is review the app’s permissions and agree with them. Then you can go ahead and install the app.

Configure the app

Cortana for Android permissions

Once Cortana is installed, open the app. At first run, you’ll have to go through a short setup process.

Cortana Setup

Then, you’ll have to provide the assistant with your name or nickname and log in using your Microsoft account (of course if you don’t have one, you’ll have to create it first). However, the last step is optional so you can just tap Next if you want to skip it.

Cortana Sign in

There’s no need for a Windows 10 PC to use Cortana on your Android device, but you should know the app in its final form will offer sync capabilities between the two operating systems.

Use Cortana

Cortana is quite smart and you’ll soon find out you can ask her a great deal of information. Take a look at the picture below – I asked a simple question using natural language.

Cortana for Android in use

Nevertheless, the app can do a lot more. For example, it lets you set reminders from the dedicated section found in the slide out menu. It also offers “cards” for various information you’re interested in (this is actually pretty similar to Google Now), and these can be customized from the “Notebook” section of the slide out menu.

Cortana Notebook

Now that you have Cortana installed, don’t be afraid to delve into its settings a bit – the assistant works best when you actually tell it what information you find most useful. And after you try it out for a while, come back and let us know if Cortana is working smoothly on your device and if you have experienced any problems with it so far.

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