How To: Install extensions in Edge browser

After many years, Microsoft finally decided to agree with the rest of us that Internet Explorer is outdated and launched it’s speedier and modern replacement known as Edge. Despite the visible improvements, the new browser lacked something important – add-ons. This also came to an end, as it is now possible to install extensions in Edge browser.

This capability is currently available only for Windows 10 Insiders, in other words, those who are running a beta version of the OS, starting with Build 14291.

When Edge extensions became available in Build 14291 they could have been manually downloaded and installed. Build 14342 makes things simpler by letting you download Edge extensions from the Windows Store.

How to install extensions in Edge browser

If you’re waiting for an official build in which Edge supports extensions, you will be able to use this feature when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is released. However, if you’re a Windows Insider and your computer is running Build 14342 or newer, you can install extensions in Edge browser right now. Here’s how you can do it:

install extensions in Edge browser

Open Edge and click on the ‘…’ icon in the upper right corner. Click on Extensions and then, select ‘Get extensions from the Store’.


This will open a web page┬áthat shows the available extensions and also lets you download them. You can click on ‘Download extensions’ to continue, or simply scroll down a bit to see┬áthem all.

install extensions in Edge browser


Now you can click the ‘Open in Store’ button for any extension you want to install.

Note: Some of the listed extensions require a build newer than 14342. Check the item description before downloading to see that your OS meets the requirements, or even better……download the latest Windows 10 Insider build.

The extension’s Windows Store page should open and from there, simply click on the download button.

Once the extension is installed, Edge will notify you via a pop-up, and you will need to manually enable the extension. If you ever wish to change any options or settings for your installed extensions you can do so by clicking the ‘…’ icon in the upper right corner of the Edge browser. Select Extensions and you will be able to manage existing ones.

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