How To: Install the Microsoft Paint 3D app right now

A while back, Microsoft made its new Paint 3D app available for those enrolled in the Windows Insider program. However, we now have a way to install it even on computers that run a stable Windows 10 non-insider build.

Paint 3D is a Universal app that provides pen input and 3D objects and bundles various tools that allow you to create objects.

How to install the Microsoft Paint 3D app

Those who are part of the Windows Insider program can quickly install the Microsoft Paint 3D app from the Windows app store.

install the Microsoft Paint 3D app

You can install the app from the link below, and since this is a Universal app available in Microsoft’s app store, you simply need to press the “Get” button to install it.

Install Paint 3D Preview

If you’re not in the Windows Insider program and your computer is running a stable build of Windows 10, you can still install the Microsoft Paint 3D app on your system.

To begin with, you will need to set up Windows 10 so it can sideload apps. Read the tutorial below to find out how:

How to sideload apps in Windows 10

Once you have that taken care of and your system is configured to sideload apps you can download the Paint 3D package for your version of Windows 10 from one of the links below (select the “Download through your browser” option).

Paint 3D 32-bit version

Paint 3D 64-bit version

The archives are password protected but no need to panic. Use the password AggiornamentiLumiaPaint3DRedstone1 to extract them.

Open the folder containing the app files in File Explorer.

install the Microsoft Paint 3D app

In File Explorer open the File menu then go to Open Windows PowerShell -> Open Windows PowerShell as Administrator.

In PowerShell, type or copy-paste the command below:
add-appxpackage -register appxmanifest.xml


This command will install Paint 3D Preview on your system. You can now go to the Start menu and launch the application. Enjoy!

Note: Be aware that since the app is sideloaded it will not receive updates from the Store. It’s a great way to test the new Paint 3D app early, but once it becomes available in Windows Store you should remove it from your system and install the official version.

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