[Guide] Install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak

Themes are among the many customizations jailbreaking your iPhone brings on the table. In fact, many users have jailbroken their iOS device just to be able to change their phone’s theme. Now, there is an easier way to install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak, so basically anyone can do it.

iSkin is a web platform that allows you to install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak and we’ll tell you all about it below.

How to install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak

iSkin isn’t perfect, but this online platform does let you get themed icons for your home screen apps and it works on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that runs iOS 7 or a newer version.

iSkin works by adding shortcuts to your home screen, it doesn’t replace the actual app icons. However, you can still launch the associated apps using these shortcuts but you will also need to hide the stock app icons in a folder, at least if you don’t want them to ruin your new themed shortcuts.

Here’s how this works:

install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak

On the iOS device, you want to theme, open the iSkin web page in Safari.

install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak

Locate the Browse all themes button (you’ll need to scroll down a bit) and tap on it. Explore the available themes and pick one you like. Tap on it to open the theme’s page.

install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak

On the theme’s page, tap on Application Icons. The next screen will display all the apps you can theme the icons for, so pick the ones you want by tapping on them. You will also need to fill a name for the shortcut so use the app’s original name or at least something relevant to help you recognize it.

Once you select all the icons you’d wish to change and added names for them too, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on the Install icons button.

iSkin 4

A dialog window will notify that you need to wait a few seconds before the themed icons are installed.

install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak

Then, you will be prompted to install a setup profile, so tap the Install button for this purpose.

install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak

At this moment, your passcode will be required, so enter it and tap on the Install button located in the top-right corner of the screen, then on the second Install button on the overlay.

install themes on your iPhone without jailbreak

When the setup is complete, tap on Done and you will be taken back to Safari. Then, the theme pack will be installed quickly and a green box stating that the installation is in progress should appear.

After  few more seconds, you can head back to the home screen, and on its last page, you will find your new themed app shortcut icons. Then, you can reposition them anywhere you like, and you’ll probably want to hide the original app icons in a folder so they don’t mess with your new theme.

Be aware that iSkin installs an untrusted configuration profile on your iOS device. This doesn’t mean it is actually dangerous, and we weren’t able to find anything suspicious about it, but this should be taken into account before you decide if you want to use iSkin to theme your iPhone.

However, should you change your mind and wish to uninstall it, you can do so from Settings -> General -> Profile.

Many of the themes available on iSkin are free, but the platform does provide premium themes as well and if you want any of those, you will need to create a free account on the web site.

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