How To: Install & Use the Telnet Client in Windows 7 and 8.1

Telnet is a text-based network protocol, which allows you to gain access to remote computers over TCP/IP networks. It was created in 1968. This protocol was very popular, until the Internet broadband has started to rise. Nowadays, you will see only a few people around the world, who are still using the Telnet. However, there are still many active Telnet servers and available resources. If you would like to learn more about this protocol, we will show you how to install Telnet client on your Windows, how to begin and finish a Telnet session and where you can find information about Telnet commands and Telnet servers to connect to.

What is the Telnet Client

The Telnet client helps you to connect through Telnet to servers of this type by using the Command Prompt window.

Install the Telnet Client in Windows

As i mentoned above, you can connect to Telnet servers, only if you have installed a Telnet client in your operating system. This feature is not installed in your Windows by default, so you will have to istall it manually.

  • To activate this Windows feature you will need to use the Windows Features window.
  • Find its entry in the Windows Features, check the box right next to it and press OK to continue with the installation.

Screenshot - 28_8_2014 , 12_33_03 μμ

If you want to learn more about the Windows Features window, you could read the tutorial in this link.

Launch the Telnet Client in Windows

  • When you finish installing the Telnet client, you can then launch it from the Command Prompt, the Start menu in Windows 7 or in the Start screen in Windows 8.1.
  • Type telnet in the Command Prompt and press Enter. 

Screenshot - 28_8_2014 , 12_33_03 μμ

  • Alternatively, you can type telnet in the search field of the Windows 8.1. Then, click or tap the appropriate search result. The same search method applies to Windows 7 too.

Screenshot - 28_8_2014 , 12_33_03 μμ

  • Despite the way you use to access the Telnet, you will end up viewing the Command Prompt that performs a telnet session.

Screenshot - 28_8_2014 , 12_33_03 μμ

Connect to a Telnet server

If you want to connect to a telnet server, you should run the following command: o servername [port].  

  • The port command line is not so necessary, so if you do not intend to enter a specific one, you will use the default port.

Disconnect from a Telnet Server and Close a Telnet Session

  • If you want to disconnect from a Telnet server, all you have to do is press the Ctrl + ] combination.
  • Finally, in order to end the telnet session, type q or quit and press Enter.

Screenshot - 28_8_2014 , 12_33_03 μμ

Learn more Telnet Commands

In Microsoft’s website you will be able to see many telnet commands and find out more about each of them.

Find Telnet Servers

In case you want to find Telnet sever, there are a few websites, which offer a great amount of Telnet resources. Here are the two most popular websites:

  1. Telnet: this website provides you with a list of many Telnet locations.
  2. Telnet BBS:  here you will view the biggest list of Telnet available bulletin board systems.

Although Telnet is rarely used nowadays, i was surprised when i found out about how active is the Telnet community. On top of that, you can notice there are many Telnet servers to connect to and several websites that can offer you a lot of helpful resources.