Internet Access Controller: Control the Internet usage

Even though unrestricted access to the Internet is something to strive for, some users like children are vulnerable to malicious websites and users. Internet Access Controller is a free application that will let you control access to the Internet and specific websites for maximum security.

Installation & Requirements

The installer should complete very fast but you should be wary of the third party software that it will try to force on you. Simply uncheck the respective boxes and continue with the installation if you do not want to install them. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The first time you start the program you will need to enter a password twice. This will be needed later when you want to access the application and make changes. After you correctly enter your new password you will be taken to the program’s main interface.

The default settings dictate that the Internet Filter is disabled. You can easily enable it by clicking on the respective button at the top of the interface. Moreover, the changes you make by default apply to all the users of your computer. To enter settings for specific users you will need to enable the Individual User Control feature. Then you will have a list of all the existing and potential users of the computer like the guests and you can enable settings just for them.

When you enable the filter for the first time, everything will be disabled. You must navigate through the various tabs in the left hand panel in order to allow specific programs, services and websites through the filter. Otherwise the program will simply stop your internet connection almost entirely. However, adding services and programs is extremely easy. For programs, you can drag and drop them into the respective window in order to add them to the allowed list.

The websites, however, will have to be inserted manually.  The application is quite strict when it comes to websites. For example, if you enter “” in the list, you must enter it exactly like that in the address bar otherwise it will not work. However, adding an asterisk in front of an allowed website will allow all forms of it through the filter.

Finally, the Time Management tab is extremely useful for when you want to limit the amount of time a user can freely use the internet or the amount of time they cannot. You can even set a timer and schedule specific days of the week. This way you can only allow educational websites when it is time for homework, for example, instead of entirely cutting the internet off.


-Extremely easy to use
-Offers a great deal of control
-Time scheduling feature works very well


-Can be a hassle to setup


Internet Access Controller is a brilliant application for parents and people who simply want to restrict other people’s usage of their computer. The program is fully customizable but very easy to use so even inexperienced users will have no issue with it.