[Guide] Why your iPhone battery icon is yellow and how to fix it

iPhone battery icon is yellow

Did you notice at some point that your iPhone battery icon is yellow but had no idea why? Worry not, there’s nothing broken, it’s just iOS letting you know your iPhone is in Low Power mode.

There’s nothing that needs fixing so to speak, but you can easily get rid of that yellow battery status icon if you want to, and we’ll show you how to do it below.

Why your iPhone battery icon is yellow

I already explained a while back how Low Power mode works on iOS so I won’t get into the specifics. However, you should know this battery-saving feature will perform some tweaks to your device’s settings to increase battery life, hence the name.

iOS Low Power Mode
via support.apple.com

A few examples of the things Low Power mode does when it’s active include disabling background app refresh, reducing the screen’s brightness, as well as stopping Mail push and fetch and Hey Siri among others.

This results in a significant increase in battery like for your iPhone and the yellow battery status icon simply shows you Low Power mode is enabled. You can manually toggle on Low Power mode as needed but this feature also turns itself on automatically when your iPhone’s battery is at 20% or a lower charged capacity.

Obviously, you know it’s on when you enable it manually, so the second situation is what typically happens when someone notices their iPhone battery icon is yellow with no clue as to what it means.

Get rid of the yellow battery status icon

For the status battery icon to turn back green, Low Battery mode needs to be disabled. There are a few ways this can happen:

a) You manually enabled Low Power mode

In this case, you can either charge your phone to 100% battery at which point Low Power mode will be automatically disabled. Alternatively head over to Settings -> Battery and switch the ‘Low Power Mode‘ toggle to off.

b) Low Power Mode was automatically enabled at 20% battery

In this situation Low Power mode will be automatically toggled off when your iPhone has at least 80% battery, so all you need to do is charge the device. Of course, you can also manually toggle off Low Power mode from your phone’s Settings app under Battery s described above.

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