Jailbreak tweak locked you out of Snapchat? Here’s how to unlock your Snapchat account

As we just reported, Snapchat is unleashing their wrath on those using jailbreak tweaks that hack some of the service’s features. The lock out is not permanent, at least for now and if this has happened to you, access to the service can be easily regained in just a few simple steps.

1. Since one or more jailbreak tweaks are at fault here, the first thing you need to do is to uninstall all Snapchat tweaks you currently have on your phone.

For now, it’s unclear how Snapchat detects these tweaks, and if any are able to remain invisible. We know for sure Phantom is detected and having it installed will likely lock you out of your account.

Snapchat unlock

2. Now that your phone is clean of Snapchat tweaks, visit https://snapchat.com/unlock and login to unlock the service.

Snapchat account unlocked

3. After Snapchat has been unlocked you can finally log back into the app.

Snapchat is being somewhat permissive at the moment, as the account lock outs are easily reversible. Be sure to steer clear of tweaks for the service until we see where this is heading or you might wake up with a permanent ban.

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