Java Mod Player: A simple audio and Java player

Java Mod Player is a very neat application that started as a simple mod player but has evolved to a fully fleshed out audio player that supports a lot of different files, playlists and more.

Installation & Requirements

There is no installation for the application. The only thing you will need is Java 6 and higher. Once you have that installed, you can simply double click on the downloaded file and it will run, just like that since the application is supported in pretty much every Windows version.


If you have used a similar application before then you should know what to expect from the interface. It is definitely very basic but it also has a distinct old-Windows feel that it has achieved perfectly. Although some people will not like the retro look, a lot of others will appreciate it. Moreover, the basic interface keeps things simple and lets you experience the Java audio player without much hassle.

Keeping with the simplicity of things, playing audio files is very easy. The application supports drag and drop so that would be the way for most people but you can also click on the File menu to import songs and playlists into the application. Furthermore, using the File menu, you can enter a URL so that you can access music streaming services on the Internet. Obviously, you will need to find those on your own. After you have loaded audio files, you can export them into wave files through that same menu.

The playback features of the program are unfortunately very simple as well. Apart from the normal play, pause and stop features, you will also notice that the player supports audio visualization right in the middle of its window. Using the View menu, you can also set the application up further via the Mixer Control and a fully working Equalizer. Both of those features offer a lot of different options to play with so music lovers will definitely want to check them out before playing any audio files.

As far as the look of the Java Mod Player goes, you can easily change its skin through the “Look&Feel” menu. There are five different skins to choose from and you can probably find some more in the Internet. The visualization effects cannot be changed though and there is no Help file so it is unknown whether something completely different can be imported.


-Very cool idea
-No installation required so it is fully portable
-Novel way to play some of your favorite audio files
-Support for audio streaming


-Too basic for the modern age
-Old-school look might deter some people


Java Mod Player is a very interesting application that surely manages to show the capabilities of Java in its tiny, portable audio player. Other than that, however, you can find a lot better players in the market so this app is targeted into a very specific niche.