JavaRa: The easiest, safest way for managing Java JRE

JavaRa is a very small, free utility that allows users to update, remove and repair Java Runtime Environment in a convenient, trouble-free manner. The program offers step-by-step wizards, simplifying tasks so even beginners can easily handle them.

Installation & Requirements

JavaRa’s downloadable ZIP archive contains a folder with an application, several language localization files, a definitions and a config file. The program is portable so as long as you have the JavaRa folder with all of its contents intact, all you have to do is launch the application and you can start using it right away.

The official documentation doesn’t mention exactly which Windows versions are supported by the program. Unofficially, this small tool runs on all current Windows versions. Since JavaRa is a lightweight utility, it doesn’t have hardware requirements, but it does need .NET Framework installed (any version of it) and an active Internet connection for Java downloads and updates.


JavaRa’s UI is very simple: four large icons offer the program’s functions: update Java, remove Java, update JavaRa definitions and additional tasks.

The first option offers three ways of updating Java Runtime Environment: using juscheck.exe tool, using the official online tool or download & install the latest version (a convenient way of updating JRE from the program’s interface).

The “Remove Java Runtime” wizard begins by verifying if there is an uninstaller that can be deployed. The second step offers users the option of launching a removal routine and the next step involves downloading a new version of JRE manually or via the JavaRa interface.

The third option lets users update the program definitions, used to remove all traces left by Java Runtime, which is why the developers recommend performing this action prior to removing JRE to make sure no traces remain undetected.

“Additional tasks” include the following operations: remove startup entry, verifying the current Java version, remove outdated JRE Firefox extensions and cleaning JRE temporary files. You only need to select the desired task(s) and press the Run button to carry them out. When they are complete, a small text pop-up displaying “Selected tasks completed successfully.” will appear.

JavaRa’s settings provide the possibility of creating a log file, enable/disable automatic update check and changing the program’s language. Available support includes JavaRa online documentation and dedicated forums (although most users won’t have any problems learning how to use this simple program).


– Stand-alone application with no installation.
– Very simple interface offering step-by-step wizards for its main tasks.
– Allows users to safely update, remove and clean old Java versions.
– Lightweight utility that runs on very low computer resources.


– None worth mentioning.


JavaRa does its job very well, letting users easily manage Java Runtime Environment. The thorough uninstall process offered, that works flawlessly even for older versions of Java, along with the freeware status and low-resource usage, make this tiny utility, one of the best ways to handle JRE, especially for non-technical users, but not only.