JCreator LE: Powerful Java creator

JCreator LE is a highly interactive development environment for Java, providing users with multiple functions and utilities in a simple, convenient and fast application.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process if very simple. After it is done, you will be greeted by the Setup Wizard in which you can edit the user settings, the file associations and more. If you do not want to do it right then and there you will be able to change all of them from the Settings menu later. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. You will also need Sun’s JDK package from the javasoft website.


The interface is very clean and very easy to use. The first time you open it you will notice the start page that contains the user guide. It is a very comprehensive tool that contains all the information you will need to start and edit your projects as well as to maintain insight on the various features that the application offers to its users.

Creating a new project is simple. Simply click on the File tab of the toolbar and then choose one of the options in the New submenu. You will then be taken to each function’s specific wizard, like the new project wizard where you will be able to alter all the details you want to create your new tasks. When you have created a new project it will appear on the main interface window and you can choose between three viewing modes, namely File View, Class View and Package View.

On the right side of the window you have the actual project editor. All of the information can be altered and tested. Obviously, knowledge of Java is needed to perform any more actions and code the programs that you want but the editing itself is quite simple. The application also helps its users with a lot of little modules like autocompleting functions. You can copy, save and edit each piece of information separately or as a whole. Opening a file format supported by the application will insert it into the editing window and you can continue your work where you left it with no implications. When you are done with your work you can complete your project and extract it into your desirable format and share it with the world.

Lastly, the application’s Configure tab offers a ton of customization options for both the actual functionality of the application itself and the way the interface is presented. You can personalize the looks to suit your own needs or to create a more familiar working environment for you. This is especially useful for people that use the same application for multiple functions and they want personalized options each time.


-Fast installation
-Clean visual look
-The interface is easy to use
-A lot of customization options
-Deeply satisfying editor


-Can be complex for inexperienced users


JCreator LE lives up to its name with one of the most complete Java creating applications in the market. It is extremely fast, easy to use and can produce amazing results at the right hands. Definitely recommended for aspiring developers.