Just Translate for Windows: A simple translation tool

Just Translate for Windows is a shareware translation program that offers tons of different languages and various translation utilities ready at your disposal. The demo version is offered for 60 minutes after which it will expire and you will need to purchase a license.

Installation & Requirements

The installation should complete very fast with no implications. You will be offered some additional options like running the program after the setup is done and the desktop shortcut will be created automatically. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. A Mac version is also offered.


The interface of the application is extremely straightforward. The only parts are that are unfortunate are the nagging screens. Furthermore, each time you close the application you will be redirected to the buying page. Other than that, the application is quite nicely presented and should be extremely easy to use for anyone.

Translating is extremely easy. Simply copy and paste your text into the top box, choose a language from the second dropdown list and click on the translate button. You do not even need to know the source language as the application can retrieve it automatically from its huge list of supported languages. Furthermore, you can also retrieve text from a .txt file so that you do not need to copy and paste the source into the application.

Some of the additional tools are also very good. For example, you can correct misspelled words through the programs spelling dialog window. You can either highlight the misspelled word or simply open the window and let it find the word automatically. You can choose either from the source or the translation if you think something is not correct.

The final tool of the application is the transliteration feature. Unfortunately, it is not offered in the demo version. That feature is able to translate unknown characters through transliteration and speech which means that even if the application does not support the characters that you can use, it will still find a way to translate the text through a variety of other means.


-Fast installation
-Very easy to use
-Support for tons of languages
-Extra tools


-Somewhat limited in features


Just Translate for Windows is a solid translation utility that should satisfy the needs of most users.. However, more advanced features are missing but having them incorporated would most likely make the program more difficult to learn.