JustWatch app is a new search engine for online streaming movies and TV shows

Streaming services abound these days, and while they are offering a whole lot of content to watch, it’s really not that easy taking them one by one just to find a specific title or which one is offering the best price. JustWatch is a new Android app that was created to fill that gap.

It basically offers a search engine specialized on finding online streaming movies and TV shows. JustWatch launched its web version earlier this year, and now an Android app has been released as well.

The app searches and aggregates content from popular services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Now, Xbox, PlayStation, Crackle, Instant Video and others. Besides the search option, JustWatch has a timeline option that displays recently added titles by all supported services.

JustWatch - Popular

Furthermore, there is a section displaying popular content, and one called Price Drops where you can see new deals that appear every day. Each of these section can be filtered in a number of ways. Specific providers can be selected but you can also refine the search using other criteria like release year and genre. Lastly, users can queue their favorite movies and shows in their custom Watchlist.

JustWatch has a clean, dark-themed interface that’s both intuitive and a pleasure to browse. The app is quite functional as it is, but since it was just released, I’m pretty sure the team behind JustWatch will come up with new features in the near future.

JustWatch is now available in the Play Store, so go ahead and give it a try, it definitely makes searching content through the plethora of streaming services an enjoyable experience.

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