JustZIPit: Less features, less trouble

Everyone needs to compress and decompress files and folders, but most people don’t use advanced related functions, despite the fact they are included within most popular file archiving utilities. Giving up all of these features and retaining just the compression and decompression functionality, JustZIPit is a free tool designed for anyone that only needs the basic options, not just for non-technical users.

Installation & Requirements

While most installers have a number of setup windows, even if those are standard, the JustZIPit setup is fully automated. It automatically creates the installation folder at the default location as well as a Start Menu group and a shortcut. An information window notifies users that the installation is complete and provides uninstall info and another application that they can try. JustZIPit is minuscule and officially it works on all 32-bit versions of Windows, although we’ve also tested it on 64-bit Windows 7 and there were no problems.

The Start Menu shortcut opens up an HTML file which contains the program’s documentation and a link to check for JustZIPit updates.


JustZIPit is the champion of simplicity: there is no UI, since zipping/unzipping files and folders doesn’t really need one. The Windows Explorer context menu gets two new entries, “JustZIPit – Create a ZIP file” and “JustZIPit – Then Email” and that’s pretty much it.

During compression and decompression a progress bar will be displayed. The context menu that appears when right-clicking on a ZIP or CAB archive simply provides the “JustUnZIPit” extraction feature. This tool comes with no extra options whatsoever, so anyone that needs to change compression level, security, volume size and other aspects will have to search an alternative to JustZIPit. Nevertheless, the intentional lack of settings is a good thing as this small application was specifically created to offer the easiest way of creating and extracting archives.


– Fully automated installation.
– Fast compression/decompression process.
– Can decompress ZIP and CAB archives.
– Extremely simplified usage via Windows Explorer context menu integration.


– The official website of JustZIPit displays a fatal error when using its search function for the application.


– Universal Extractor


While there are many applications designed for those with little or no technical skills, JustZIPit is surely at the top of the list. For someone that only wants to zip/unzip files and folders there’s no other tool capable of simplifying the process like JustZIPit can.