K7 TotalSecurity: An all-around internet security suite

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K7 TotalSecurity is a security suite that includes a host of utilities that can help to protect your computer from various infections like spyware, malware, viruses and more. The application has a 30-day free trial after which a license must be purchased.

Installation & Requirements

The software’s installation could not be any simpler. A single button lets you agree with the EULA and start the installation which takes very little time considering the 100MB+ download. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7 and 8x. As always, make sure you do not have any other antivirus software installed in your PC before attempting to install this one.


As is the case with many antivirus suites as of recently, K7 TotalSecurity has a very neat interface that dismisses cluttered designs and goes for function instead. The camouflage/metal-based design actually looks nice and clean, a most pleasant surprise if I may say so. The animated transitions when navigating between the various menus are also a nice touch and they never stop looking sleek.

As far as the scanning goes, I put K7 TotalSecurity to the test due to multiple claims by the company both in the present and the past that their engine is the fastest one the market right now. Having used a slew of antivirus software in the past, I can safely say that the scanning process is indeed one of the fastest ones I have ever had the pleasure of using. The scanning is quite thorough too so you are not really compromising speed for efficiency in this case.

Of course, a security suite needs to have a lot more things than a single antivirus engine and K7 TotalSecurity has you covered there too. There is a decent amount of utilities, all of which are actually useful instead of being piled on to the program so it looks full. Some utilities will allow you to erase your browsing history and your temporary files both online and offline, others will help you optimize your computer’s performance while there is also a very interesting “USB Vaccination” utility that prevents your PC from being infected by Autorun malware.

K7 TotalSecurity’s customization options are also very much worth noting, considering that the settings menu is brilliant and allows the user to really personalize how they use the software. Anything from just how the antivirus engine reacts to malware to parental controls can be found in the settings area. A very nice thing about the settings is that they are very easy to understand and set up even though they are actually quite in-depth in almost every department.


-Sleek design with nice animations
-Incredibly fast yet thorough scanning
-A great selection of extra tools
-Fully customizable to fit the needs of each user


-Missing some modern security features


K7 TotalSecurity is one of the best internet security suites for those that do not want to compromise their computer’s performance for its security. Although you might find a couple of missing features compared to similar offerings, few of them can match K7 TotalSecurity in both performance and consistency.

User Interface
Ease of Use