KaraFun Player: Have fun with karaoke

KaraFun Player is an application fully dedicated to karaoke, offering a lot of modules for lyrics, playlists and music in general in order to make your karaoke parties with your friends more enjoyable than ever.

Installation & Requirements

The installation process is completed very fast and it is very simple with nothing to confuse the users. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The interface of KaraFun is divided into various tabs that you can access from the left side list. The default window is the online one where you can, according to their website, access more than 16,000 songs at any point. However, the free version merely supports a preview of those songs. In order to have full access to their online library you will need to purchase a subscription from their site. There are many categories that you can access like Pop and Rock songs as well as the current Top 100 songs as defined by their popularity in the application.

The good thing is that you can put any song that you own and you have downloaded in the application with no limits. Of course, if you want to display the lyrics you will also have to supply that file as well. But when you have all the files you can simply browse your computer for them and enter them in the application. You can queue up as many song as you like and the application will play all of them in due time.

There are two display modes for the karaoke, mainly because the application supports dual-monitor setups and has full-screen support as well. Simply click on the Display tab at the top toolbar and you will see the option. A new window will pop up and you can move it to your other monitor or double click on it to enable the full screen interface.

In regards to the songs, you can edit their playback as well. You can move the pitch up and down as well as mess with the tempo. The final feature of the application is the Karaoke DJ Mode. There you can insert the names of each singer and edit the settings they prefer like the songs or genres they like as well as the pitch and tempo of the songs they sing. The application will remember the settings you have set for each singer so that you do not have to manually insert them every time you want to change the singers.


-Fast installation
-Fully featured interface
-Access to all of your songs and their lyrics with no restrictions
-Various display modes
-Karaoke DJ Mode to personalize everyone’s singing preferences


-Access to online songs is restricted to paying members
-The background cannot be edited


If you find yourself regularly using karaoke and you want to have fun with your friends with it, KaraFun Player should cover your needs. However, if you do not own the songs you want to play you will have to pay for a license so keep that in mind.