Kaspersky Password Manager: User friendly, secure vault for all your passwords

Choosing strong passwords for your accounts implies that all of them are different and complex at the same time. This also brings the risk of forgetting some or all of them. The other options, which is choosing only one password for all accounts is definitely not recommended.

Kaspersky Password Manager is an application that can safely store all your passwords, so you’ll never forget them again. It also lets you sort them and includes a search function, among other useful features.

Installation & Requirements

The program has an extremely fast and simple installation process with no adware or third-party applications included. Kaspersky Password Manager runs on 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems from XP to 8. Its modest requirements also include 512 MB of RAM, 10 MB free space and a mouse and support is enabled for the most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


At first run, Kaspersky Password Manager will require you to set a Master Password. This is the password that allows you access to the program’s password database, so it’s very important and mandatory. This is the first step of the Configuration Wizard that deploys automatically at first run.

The second step lets you choose the authorization method: via password, USB device, Bluetooth device or no authorization. The next step implies setting the locking timeout which can be disabled, set to any time interval between 1-60 minutes of computer inactivity or on screensaver activation. The final step offers users the possibility of installing plug-ins to enable support for web browsers and other applications. The program also recommends disabling the internal password managers of installed web browsers to avoid conflicts.

Once the configuration process is over, Kaspersky Password Manager also offers the possibility of importing passwords from installed applications. The “Import Passwords” option is available at all times in the lower-left part of the window. Of course, you can also manually add passwords in the program’s interface. Speaking of, the layout is clean and it comes with built-in categories such as Email, Shopping, Social Networks, Finance and others which can be edited at any time.

The Add button lets you add more than just new accounts: you can also add a new group, identity and create secure memos. You can delete individual entries or wipe out the entire database. Export options include selecting only individual items or the entire database. You can also export the database with or without encryption.


– Fast, adware-free installation.
– Automated configuration wizard guides users into the basic settings that need to be done.
– Multiple authorization methods are supported: password, USB device and Bluetooth device.
– Fully customizable password database with various built-in categories.
– Supports importing passwords from installed applications and web browsers.
– Users can export the database in encrypted or unencrypted form.


– None worth mentioning.


Kaspersky Password Manager is a robust application that you can truly rely on when it comes to safely storing your passwords. It even provides a virtual keyboard when you type in the Master Password, so no keylogger can “aquire” access to the sensitive information that is usually contained in a password database.