Keep your Android’s display on at all times without battery drain

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have several interesting and exclusive features, Always On Display being one of them. These are not the only handsets that let you keep a minimal display lit at all times (the LG G5 has it too) plus there are various third-party apps that provide Always On Display functionality for any Android, even though it’s not the full set of features. to a certain degree.

If you’re looking for a solution to keep your Android’s display on at times without battery drain, one of the biggest concerns with most of these apps is they’re not exactly battery-friendly, and the display doesn’t stay lit forever. At some point, it turns off to preserve battery.

Luckily, developers are always looking to innovate, so we have a great app to show you that not only keep your display on at all times but is also light on battery resources and can be customized in various ways.

Keep your Android’s display on at all times without battery drain

The free app called Always On AMOLED is as close as you can get to Samsung’s S7 Always On Display but as it’s name suggests, it’s intended for use on devices with AMOLED screens. Don’t get me wrong, it can be installed on a smartphone with an LCD screen but, this type of display doesn’t light up only individual pixels like AMOLED does, so it would cause a significant battery drain.

Assuming you have an Android device equipped with an AMOLED screen, you can install Always On AMOLED from the link below.

Download Always On AMOLED (Google Play Store)

keep your Android's display on at all times

At first run, you will need to go through an initial step-by-step setup. The process is simple, as all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions and allow some permissions required by the app.

Technically, you could exit the app at this point, but it would be best to customize some of its options first.

With the permissions enabled, Always On AMOLED will be ready to go, though you may want to adjust a few of its options before you try it out.

The two options in the General section should be kept on, as these will prevent your Android’s display from turning off. Another important option is ‘Move the widget automatically’ – you should keep this one enabled as well, to prevent screen burn in.

Also, the Notifications option lets you see notification icons if you choose to enable it. To return to your lock screen from the always-on display, the app provides various ways to do this like double tap, swipe up, or pressing the volume keys and you can enable whichever you plan on using.

Lastly, you can adjust the brightness of the always-on display from the Appearance section.


Now that you customized Always On AMOLED, you can go ahead and turn your screen off to give it a try. In 1-2 seconds the always-on display will appear and as you can see it lights up just a small amount of pixels so it’s resource friendly. As a result, the app lets you keep your Android’s display on at all times and even displays notification icons, as long as you enabled this option in its settings.

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