Keep your Android’s screen awake for specific apps (root only)

It’s not a good idea to have a long default screen timeout on an Android device, as this can consume a lot of battery. It’s understandable why you’d want to do it, though. It’s often that we need the screen to stay awake but it goes to sleep and we need to repeatedly turn it back on to resume our activity.Android might be a feature-rich OS but it still has it’s limitations which are only bypassed by rooting your device. If you have a rooted phone you’re in luck. An awesome Xposed module lets you keep your Android’s screen awake for specific apps.This way, you don’t have to set a long system screen timeout and you can simply ensure the screen of your Android doesn’t turn off in exactly the apps and games you want. What’s more, the setting is temporary and as soon as you turn off the screen manually, the app’s timeout will reset to the original value.

Keep your Android’s screen awake for specific apps

Assuming you have Xposed Framework installed at this moment, go to Download in the Xposed Installer app and search for Stay Awake – Keep Screen On.
The results will be displayed right away, so tap on the first listing, then swipe to Versions section and tap on the Download option located next to the newest item.
On the next screen tap the Install button and when the setup is complete, enable the module and restart your device.