KillBackground10 tweak lets you kill all apps at once in iOS

The App Switcher doesn’t provide an option to kill all apps at once in iOS. It does make it easy to browse your open apps and switch between them, as well as close them one by one, but not all of them in one go.

KillBackground10 tweak provides a solution for those with jailbroken iOS devices. Just as its name suggests, the tweak allows you to kill all apps at once in iOS, by simply pressing a button. For those situations when you end up having a large number of open apps, this tweak can save you previous time.

With KillBackground10 installed, open the App Switcher by double-pressing the Home Button. A small button should be displayed in the lower right corner. Whenever you want to close all open apps, simply tap on that button.

From the Settings app, you can access the tweak’s Preferences pane where you can customize several settings. As a result, you can set it to also close the App Switcher after you press the button to kill all currently open apps and make the button bigger.

What’s more, it’s possible to set the button on the left side of the App Switcher and choose if the Music app should also be closed. This is certainly an interesting option since many of us might need this one to remain open while listening to our favorite songs. Nevertheless, you can also set other apps to be excluded from the tweak so they won’t get closed when you press that button in the App Switcher.

The ability to prevent specific apps from getting closed is one of my favorites. It makes sense that some of the apps we’re using are essential and we usually need them to stay open.

KillBackground10 only supports iOS 10 jailbroken devices and you can get it from ydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99.

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