Klara is a clean and easy to read weather app for Android

There’s no shortage of weather apps available in the Play Store, but it doesn’t mean there’s no room for new players. Klara is a fresh weather app for Android with a clean and straightforward layout that packs a ton of information in a simple, readable format.

What’s particularly interesting, is that Klara was designed to be useful for both everyday users that just want to see forecasts in an easy to understand layout and professionals that need to see more detailed information and various metrics.

The app shows short and long term forecasts for any location and it uses data provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The usual metrics are included, such as temperature, precipitation, cloud coverage, humidity, and pressure among others. Many of them have separate graphs where you can see their progress over time. There’s also the option to change the time format and pressure unit according to your own preferences.

-Klara for Android app-1

The interface adheres to Google’s Material Design guidelines so it should feel familiar to most Android users. As expected, you can create a custom list of your favorite locations, plus you can compare two locations and view their weather stats side-by-side.

-Klara for Android app-2

While Klara’s interface is as simple as it gets you can still customize its colors using one of the built-in skins. It also offers a widget where you can see a weather summary for the current location or one of your favorite places.

-Klara for Android app-3


Even if you already rely on another weather app, we recommend you give Klara a try – it’s absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose.

Download Klara for Android (Google Play)

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