How To: Know Who Has Read Your Group Message in WhatsApp

Know those two check marks, aka ticks, that appear in WhatsApp chats when you send a message? One grey tick means the message has been sent; two gray ticks mean the message has been delivered; two blue ticks mean the message has been read. 2 blue ticks

That’s all clear when you’re in a one on one chat, but how do you know who has read your message in a group chat on WhatsApp? There is a way to know, and here is how.

By default, a message in a group chat has two blue ticks when all the participants of a group have read it, but sometimes you need to know if someone is still not up-to-date with the latest news.

On Android

  • Launch WhatsApp
  • Open any group chat
  • Send a message, or find an earlier message of yours
  • Tap on your message and hold it
  • Look at the top of the window for the “i” icon, which stands for information
  • Tap on “i”i
  • You will see a “Seen/Read by” list, where the list of participants who have read your message or viewed your video will appear. As far as the Voice Messages are concerned, the Seen means they have seen your message, but have not played it, yet.
  • “Played” appears when the recipients have played your voice message
  • Under the “Delivered to” section, you will see a list of people who haven’t read it, yet, but the messages has been delivered to their phones.

On iOS

  • On iOS, WhatsApp has a Message Info panel that displays the same information. To open it:
  • Open a group chat
  • Find your message, swipe it from right to left or tap and hold, go to Menu and choose Info.

Things to note

It is worth mentioning that the Info screen displays the participants and their respective status even if they have left the group by the time you check the status.

There are exceptions, however. Before jumping to conclusions about someone ignoring you, consider the following:

Some of your recipients, or you, might be experiencing connection issues
They may have an outdated version of WhatsApp
The recipient might not have opened your group chat, yet, at allowing
The recipient may have “Read Receipts” disabled in their Privacy Settings, in which case nobody will be able to see whether they have read the messages, or not. However, this also means they don’t see read receipts for their own messages in their chats.

If you wish to turn off Read Receipts in your WhatsApp, go to Settings → Account → Privacy → disable Read Receipts. However, note that this will not disable read receipts for Voice Messages and Group Chats.