KnowMe Lets You Add Photos, Videos, Music and Voice Overs To Your Videos

KnowMe is a new iOS app that lets any regular Joe or Jane become a filmmaker. Seriously. Check this out.


Developer: KnowMe Systems, Inc.
Download from iTunes

Coming from an award-winning filmmaker Andrew Jarecki you probably know for All Good Things, The Jinx and Capturing the Friedmans, KnowMe is a new video creation tool and social platform all-in-one. Well, Jarecki did not actually code it himself – there is a whole team of developers working on this one. The point is the app takes the difficult tech savvy stuff and puts in behind the scenes. In the foreground, however, there is a sleek, intuitive UI that makes creating personalized, easily editable videos a breeze.

Here is what you can do with KnowMe.

You can record a video message, keep talking and tap to add images and videos from your Camera roll, add music and images from your library or from the Internet. You can rearrange the sequence, double tap an image to edit it, add or remove items. You can adjust the volume of the background music so it is not louder than your precious voice over.

The videos can be anything from one second to three minutes. Once you save a video, it is saved to your device and your profile. From there, you decide how you want to go about it – private or public. Feel like sharing it with your close friends – no problem’o. Share it via SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or make it public on KnowMe network for the world to see. Why, I see it becoming a new norm for the dating websites.

However, if you want your video to stay private the app lets you do that, too.

KnowMe could be the next Snapchat since it lets non-techies create good-looking, nearly reporter style videos that are informative, creative and digestible. The short time format makes you stick to what matters, and lets you use the app as your new video messaging addiction. With KnowMe you can send your friends a video message complete with images, embedded videos, your comments and even background music. Would you want to revert to the regular messaging again?

There is one thing that needs to be addressed, though. Namely, where is the Android version?

If you have the creativity itch, but feel too lost when it comes to video editing tools, KnowMe solves your woes. I have scrolled through some of the user-uploaded videos on KnowMe Twitter page, and I can see the app has an immense potential. While YouTube made it possible for anyone to become famous, KnowMe expands that opportunity even more. You don’t need many apps, and desktop computer – with just your iPhone KnowMe lets you become a self-made movie star, a reporter, or even promote yourself on social networks with vibrant videos you can make in a matter of minutes.

Overall, the app is intuitive and offers the scope of accessible features you won’t find in any other app so far. We are looking forward to seeing it land on Google Play.

In the meantime, Android users can play around with Draw My Story, a free app that lets you create hand-drawn animated stories complete with music, your own voice over, images, text, emoji and stickers.