Kopy is a great app for sharing text between your Windows devices

    Long text messages and e-mails, complex URLs and practically any piece of text can be easily shared between Windows 8 computers, notebooks, tablets and phones using Kopy. This is a universal Windows app that supports all devices and it’s incredibly easy to use.

    Kopy for Windows Phone - Text sharing


    Quickly share text between your Windows devices

    Open up gokopy.com on your computer, paste any text, then press the ‘Kopy’ button and you’ll receive it on your phone, inside the Kopy app. It works the other way around too – you can paste a piece of text from your phone and send the text to your browser, at the same web address. Here are the details on how this works.

    Copy for Windows Phone - Connect to PC

    Log in or create a temporary session

    Once you install Kopy on your phone or tablet there are two ways you can use it. If you choose to create a temporary session, a QR code will be displayed at gokopy.com in your browser. Scan it with your phone and you’re good to go. The other method is to create an account and log in – this brings some benefits. You’ll get to see the history and bookmarks of everything you copy.

    Copy for Windows Phone - Contacts options

    Paste text, contacts info and more

    The Kopy app lets you do more than simply paste text. It lets you navigate to your Contacts to copy a phone number, e-mail or address, but it also supports voice commands. Long press the Search button, say ‘GoKopy new text’ and what you say after that, will be displayed in the text box. The texts you receive have options can be shared, deleted or copied, and if you’re logged in you can also bookmark your favorites – very useful for content you’re using over and over again.

    Cross-platform support and browser extensions

    There’s also a Chrome extension that adds Kopy as an option to the browser’s context menu. In other words, select a piece of text in your browser, right click and choose ‘Kopy’ from the menu that pops up and it will directly send it to your phone or tablet.

    Kopy for Windows Phone - Settings


    The settings menu is not crowded, but it definitely make the app even more functional. It lets you further customize Kopy’s behavior and let the app automatically open any kopied link you receive as well as phone numbers.

    Kopied text is automatically copied to the clipboard (although you can turn off this feature) and the app lets you easily switch between supported languages. Concerning visual customization there’s only the default light theme and a dark theme, but that should definitely not be the focus of such a useful app.


    I really like the cross-platform support of Kopy. There’s also an app version available for Android and the developers are planning to release add-ons for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox too. Visit gokopy.com/download to see all app versions and browser extensions that are currently available. Kopy is free on all platforms and there are no in-app purchases or adds.

    Do you use Kopy and what are your favorite features? Let us know in the comments section!

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