LicenseCrawler: Easily find out applications serial numbers and licenses

LicenseCrawler is a very simple piece of software, although brilliantly useful. It can help you find out serial numbers and licenses of installed applications, but also Windows product keys. It does that by quickly scanning the Windows Registry, retrieving the information in a basic text list.

Installation & Requirements

LicenseCrawler is free and portable, so you only need to download it, extract the archive into a folder and launch the LicenseCrawler executable. The program is free only for non-commercial use, but you’ll be facing the occasional pop-up ads unless you buy a license.

The program is currently supporting lots of Windows versions, from Windows 95 to 7 and Server 2008 R2.


The Start page lets you see license information, registration info and prompts you to push one of the three available buttons (the number changes from one use to another) to launch the program.

LicenseCrawler has a plain interface, allowing you to choose the computer you want to scan (the current one or another computer on the same network) and the registry category. Scan results will list product ID, product type and serial number for each found item. The list can be saved as text with or without encryption.

Scan settings include enabling/disabling high-speed scan and 64-bit scan. Also you can exclude file-based licenses from the search and create blacklist and whitelist filters (only two entries per list are allowed in the free version).

LicenseCrawler also allows you to view log files and encode/decode Base64, translate ASCII to hex or to decimal, check Adobe key and calculate MD5 & SHA2 checksums.


– Portable tool, free for non-commercial use.
– Simple interface, very easy to use.
– Fast registry scan displays found application serial numbers in a simple list that can be saved as .txt file.
– Customizable scan with the option of excluding file-based licenses from the search.


– Pop-up ad screen appears every time you launch a new scan.


Whenever you need to find license registration info for your installed software, LicenseCrawler is a comfortable solution. The process is straightforward, accessible even for non-technical users as it works fine with its default settings.