Lifesum is an intuitive app that can help you improve all aspects of your health

With a busy schedule and plenty of things on your mind, it can be incredibly difficult to take good care of yourself. There are numerous health apps available on both mobile and desktop platforms, and each of them promises to make a difference and help you become a better version of yourself.

Nevertheless, it’s not very easy to find a fully-featured app you can use for this purpose and having a dozen of them certainly doesn’t make things simpler. Lifesum is an interesting health companion designed to assist you with making healthier food choices, create a personalized workout routine and other related tasks.

The interesting aspect of Lifesum is the app helps you take small yet meaningful steps towards a healthy lifestyle, which is far more achievable than any drastic change.

The app can remind you to drink water, includes various healthy eating plans, feedback on what you eat to help you make better choices in the future, and even advice for those days when you’re feeling discouraged.

Furthermore, Lifesum will track your nutrition habits and exercise performance,  providing an overview for both, as well as a body summary. There are also companion apps for both Apple Watch and Android Wear devices, so you can stay informed on your health progress at all times. You can view a log of meals water intake and exercise, as well as your daily activity and receive notifications on your wrist.

Lifesum is free to download and use but a premium plan exists for subscribers as well. The gold membership will allow you to sync the app with various wearables and fitness trackers, follow one of the built-in diets (such as 5:2 and LCHF), and view comprehensive nutritional meal information.

The app has a simple yet attractive interface that works exceptionally well and you can give it a try regardless if you’re on iOS or Android by downloading it from one of the links below:

Download Lifesum for iOS (iTunes)

Download Lifesum for Android (Play Store)

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