How To: Limit animations on your Apple Watch

Animations are what give any modern operating system that fluid feel while also adding an illusion of materialism to otherwise virtual interface elements. But sometimes too much is too much – you’d be surprised how many people get nausea and vertigo from all those transitions and animations while going through apps and settings. Usually the same individuals experience motion sickness and/or seasickness.

The Apple Watch makes no exception when it comes to eye-candy animations and if you’d like to not see all that zooming in and out, sliding and resizing you should know it comes with a feature called Reduce Motion, which doesn’t completely remove animations but it does limit them to a considerable extent.

All these effects are also using processing power, so giving up on them can also speed up app loading and increase the responsiveness of your watch in general. Here’s how you can turn off animations on the Apple Watch:


Apple Watch app - Accesibility

On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app and navigate to My Watch -> General -> Accessibility and toggle on Reduce Motion.

Apple Watch - Reduce motionAlternatively you can do the same on your Watch by going to Settings -> Accessibility then tapping on Reduce Motion and enable it on the next screen.

As soon as you leave the Settings (regardless if you toggled on the Reduce Motion setting on your iPhone or on your Watch) there won’t be any motion effects and animations in WatchOS.

For reasons we can’t explain, enabling the option on your iPhone will make your Watch feel faster, but this effect doesn’t happen if you toggle on Reduce Motion in the WatchOS settings. Either way, you can try both methods and see which one gives you the bigger performance boost, then come back and let us know the results in the comments section or by leaving us a message on  Facebook, Twitter or Google+.