Little Voices is an iOS app that takes the noise out of your Twitter feed

Lets face it: it’s one thing if you’re using Twitter to follow some friends and family members, and another to try and keep up with a ‘healthy’ mix of status updates, news, promotional tweets and whatnot.

If your Twitter feed is gaining dozens or more updates per minute you’re probably having a hard time sifting through them and I often find myself in this situation. Little Voices is a free iOS app that cuts through the clutter in a very elegant and simple manner.

To use the it, you’ll also need the Twitter app installed on your phone and Little Voices lets you easily switch between multiple accounts if you’re using more than one. As expected, the app will prompt you to give it access to your Twitter account and voila. A selected Twitter feed that shows only those posts which don’t contain images, links and/or replies.

In other words, the app only shows you pure text tweets, which definitely makes Twitter enjoyable again after dealing with an overcrowded feed.

Truth be told, there are always alternatives like muting specific users and creating lists so you can follow your interests more easily, but they do require a bit more effort from your part compared to simply installing an app.

However, Little Voices may be somewhat too simple right now. For example, it would certainly be interesting if the app would allow us to customize these filters and enable/disable them to our liking.

Even so, its developer Charles Gower does state in the app’s description that Little Voices is a complement to Twitter and wasn’t designed as a replacement. Still, if you feel attracted by the idea of having a quiet Twitter feed, give Little Voices a try and come back to let us know how you liked it.

Download Little voices (App Store)

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