How To Load Google Chrome Faster

Chrome is a workhorse of a browser, but if you have too many tabs, it might lag while loading.

If you rely heavily on Chrome for work or studies, most likely you have it configured to load the previous browser session on launch. If yes, the loading times can be daunting. The problem here is Chrome loads all tabs at once instead of loading the current tab. So, if you have, say, 70 tabs, Chrome will launch and start loading all 70.

It’s bad and counter-productive because it clogs the memory as all those open tabs begin consuming RAM simultaneously while loading on browser launch.


Other browsers have addressed this issue in different ways. Opera delays loading background tabs, if you choose the setting. Vivaldi, too, offers advanced startup customization options. Mozilla Firefox, for example, loads only the currently active tab when it is set to load the previous session on start. The subsequent tabs will only load when you select them. Likewise, the same Mozilla Firefox has tab groups, which allow you to sort your tabs into nifty groups. That way, the inactive tabs are kept in the background without clogging your tabs bar, or RAM.

Chrome, however, prefers to ignore the user woes. Never mind that its user base is one of the largest on the market. Perhaps, that is the reason.

Enter Native Lazy Tabs

Native Lazy Tabs is a Chrome extension designed to speed up the browser loading by deploying the so-called lazy loading. The extension is being continuously updated, so it’s not dropped or outdated.

What this extension does is block all tabs but the active one from loading on Chrome launch. You can still see the tabs in your tabs bar so that you won’t be losing any. However, the inactive tabs will not load and hence will not clog your PC resources.

The result is your Chrome loads blazing fast, no lag, no delay. You will notice the difference before and after installation. You can check your PC’s Task Manager, or the Chrome Task Manager to see the RAM consumption at the start with and without the extension.

So, unlike many other Chrome extensions that tend to be resource-hungry and consume RAM, Native Lazy Tabs does the opposite. It is a significant improvement in Chrome performance. Your browser loads faster; its memory consumption is significantly lower than without the extension. It’s free, up-to-date and works as advertised.

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