How To: Locate your misplaced iPhone using the Apple Watch

If you’re like me, then your iPhone goes wherever you go, which is exactly why you might misplace it way to often. Under a pillow or a blanket, in your sock drawer, and other strange places you needed both your hands and placed the phone down, – these are locations where common sense usually doesn’t advise us to look, but tech offers simple ways to reunite you with your misplaced iPhone.

If you don’t own the Apple Watch, you can use the ‘Find my iPhone’ iCloud feature to make the device play a sound, or do it the old-fashioned way – call yourself from another phone (unless you made the mistake to enable silent mode, of course).

However, the Watch is the iPhone’s perfect companion, in so many ways, and it lets you easily play that sound on your phone, without going through all that trouble – and the sound does play regardless if the device is on silent mode or not.

Before following the instructions, you should know this is not a feature that helps you find a lost or stolen iPhone, but it can be useful if you misplaced it somewhere close to you, like in your house, the office or your back yard. The feature relies on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi that keep your iPhone and Apple Watch connected.

On you Watch, swipe up to go to Glances.

Now, swipe left or right to visit the Settings glance.

Apple Watch - Settings Glance

Tap on the iPhone icon with the sound waves around it to ping your phone – this will make it ‘scream’ loudly, so you’ll be able to find it quickly.

What awesome features have you discovered so far on the Apple Watch? Share them with us in the comments section!

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