Lockdown Pro: Safeguards Parts of Your Android Phone from Friends and Kids

Until recently, we thought we could only safeguard parts of our Android tablets from curious relatives, friends and mischievous kids by creating different user profiles and partitioning personal information. It is possible on Android tablets, but with this new application it is also possible on Android smartphones. Rejoice, Android users, for using this great free app Lockdown Pro you can lend your Android smartphone to kids and friends without fearing they can see something you don’t want them to see.

Lockdown Pro is quite a straightforward, cleanly-cut and clever app designed to let users lock particular applications on their smartphones. This application will help you to safeguard some personal and maybe intimate information and feel free to hand your smartphone over, sometimes even for a long-term loan, without fearing your friends or kids can poke their nose in your data or mess up with your device.

iPhone fans have a special built-in feature in their devices that allows them to lock guests inside one application. This is very useful in case you have kids wanting to play Candy Crush Saga, but you’d rather not let them read your email. This iOS security feature keeps “guests” inside one app while Lockdown Pro keeps them out of certain apps.


When you first launch Lockdown Pro, you are prompted to setup a personal passkey or a PIN code, after which you can proceed to the app’s settings and choose which applications you would like to secure. From now on, whenever anyone tries to launch an application that has been previously locked with Lockdown Pro, he or she will have to enter the PIN or passkey before they can proceed to the application. Easy as that.

Lockdown 1


This is a straightforward and transparent solution to keep people out of your personal and business stuff you keep on your smartphone, and the most impressive part about this application is the extensive array of options.

Besides the obvious choices between the PIN and passkey to secure apps, you can also employ a very smart lock feature called Fake Cover, a decoy lock which masks the fact that the application is locked by Lockdown Pro, making it look as if the app has crashed while trying to launch. This can prevent nosy family members and friends who might know all your pins and passwords from poking their nose into your personal stuff.

To unlock the application protected by Fake Cover feature, you need to long-press the OK button when the crash pop-up window appears. This will bring up the PIN or passkey window on the following screen.

Lockdown 2

In addition, Lockdown Pro offers a very neat Off switch feature, which unlocks all the applications for those instances when you no longer need to protect them. Moreover you can lock location and Wi-Fi functions, and have them automatically turn security off when you arrive at a specific location or are using as specific Wi-Fi profile.


Lockdown Pro offers a very neat solution to secure your Android smartphone’s apps and settings from snooping guests and mischievous children. The app is free, efficient and very easy to use, offering a wide plethora of powerful features for both beginner and advanced users. Go to Google Play store, check this app out and come back to thank us in the comments below.

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