LockShot tweak shows a blurred view of what’s behind your lock screen

Cydia is full of interesting tweaks that can change the look and feel of your lock screen. When it comes to simply giving it a visual overhaul, LockShot tweak is one of the newcomers that offers an interesting concept.

Typically, we choose a lock screen wallpaper and then we get used to it. And it usually stays there for quite some time. LockShot doesn’t provide a rotating wallpaper collection but it does offer a unique alternative.

The tweak displays a blurred version of what’s behind your lock screen. So if you locked your device while inside the Mail app, you’re going to see a blurred version of it on your lock screen. The same goes for any other app or screen you had open before locking your phone.

LockShot tweak

LockShot tweak supports any kind of apps, regardless if they’re stock or third-party and the semi-transparent blur effect ensures the contents of that screen remain hidden. As you can see, the tweak comes with a fresh take on dynamic wallpapers.

You can find LockShot in Cydia’s BigBoss repo for the modest amount of $0.99. In its configurations pane which can be accessed in the Settings app, you can manually enable/disable the tweak.

Furthermore, it is possible to modify the wallpaper’s blur radius, disable zoom animation at device unlock, choose another tint color and enable/disable the tint effect.

While even at the default settings the blur effect makes it practically impossible to see what’s behind the lock screen, LockShot’s settings allow you to set the blur radius to the maximum level, in case you have any privacy concerns.

In case you’re interested in trying LockShot tweak, you can check the demo video below to see it in action:

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