[Guide] Log into Windows 10 with your face


Biometric authentication has come a long way, and it’s not something available only for the government, large companies, and research facilities. A new Microsoft service called Windows Hello lets you log into Windows 10 with your face or fingerprint.

To log into Windows 10 with your face you will also need an Intel RealSense 3D camera in order to use Microsoft’s biometric authentication feature. Windows Hello also lets you log in using your fingerprint, provided you have a fingerprint scanner.

How to log into Windows 10 with your face

Assuming you’re choosing facial recognition as a login authentication method, it’s extremely easy to set it up once you have the aforementioned hardware.

log into Windows 10 with your face

Navigate to Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in options.

Then, define a PIN and a password for your account.

Under Windows Hello, locate the Face section and click on ‘Set up’.

To continue, click on ‘Get started’ after which you will need to enter your PIN. Stand still in front of the camera while Windows scans your face.

Click on the Close button and from then on you’ll be able to log into Windows 10 with your face. At last, no more password typing.

You can make Windows Hello’s recognition capabilities even better by returning to this Settings page and selecting ‘Improve recognition’.

The next time you want to go through Windows 10’s lock screen, the OS will display a ‘Looking for you…’ message to suggest it’s searching for your face to log you into your user account.

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