Logon Editor: Set any image as your Windows logon screen background

With Logon Editor, Windows 7 users no longer have to see the same background in their logon screen. Since customizing it is not possible in Windows 7, this free application offers a quick and easy way to do it. So why not change the logon screen background occasionally and prevent it from becoming a boring image if you can do with just a few simple mouse clicks.

Installation & Requirements

No installation is needed for this program. All you have to do is download the archive, extract it and run the executable file available inside it. The program’s window will appear immediately and let you make your logon screen more interesting.

Logon Editor is a Windows 7 application so unfortunately it won’t work on systems running under other versions of Windows.


Logon Editor’s interface is very simple, as would be expected from such a small application with a basic function. It offers a preview of the logon screen with clickable, customizable elements. While these are not the only customizable items within the preview, we’ve been only able to click the Preview Size and the Windows branding.

Except for the background which can be set as any image stored in your computer, the rest of the customization options are available in the Preview menu. Here, users can choose preview size, change username, user picture and the Windows branding but also save the preview and extract the background.

Of course any user-created logon can be saved and opened at a later time. Even the preview can be saved, a useful feature in case you want to see multiple options before you decide which one you want to keep.

Below the background image options there are also a few options for changing the look of text and buttons. The three settings offer different levels of shadows and button transparency.


– No installation is needed.
– Allows users to change the default Windows 7 logon background to any image.
– All custom logons can be saved.
– Can extract the background image.


– Only for Windows 7.
– While the application is very easy to use, the program features a Help option. Unfortunately the linked support site is disabled.


Logon Editor offers Windows 7 users a straightforward method of quickly customizing their logon screen. With a simple interface and simpler features, this free application is greatly appreciated by individuals that just want to see some of their favorite images as a Windows logon background.