Logon Screen Rotator: Automatically changes your Logon screen image

Logon Screen Rotator is a simple, free application that lets you easily change the Logon screen image. You can easily add your own images or just use the ones available in the program’s collection.

Installation & Requirements

Logon Screen Rotator’s setup is simple and free of any adware or third-party applications. This small program has no hardware requirements and runs on all versions of Windows 7 and 8.


At first run, you will be offered the possibility of adding some image folders for the program to use when changing the logon background. This option can be skipped since you can add as many folders as you want at a later time, from the program’s interface.

Logon Screen Rotator has a simple, functional interface with four tabs. The first one, Change Image, users can change the Logon screen background to a random image (from the image folders loaded into the program) or to a specific image. Should you choose the second option, you will be taken to the second tab, Images, where you can add new images. The custom image collections created in the Image tabs can be edited at any time so users will be able to remove all or specific images.

The Folders tab includes all the image folders that Logon Screen Rotator is using to display random images on the Logon screen. You can add your own folders as well as remove any of the existing ones.

The program’s Settings, residing in the last tab, lets users select the frequency of the automated image rotation to none (this means you can only manually change the image), each Logon, once a day, each computer Lock or computer Lock & Logon. From the same tab you can set the image location (stretched, stretched with preserved aspect ratio or centered), set the program to use only top level images or include the ones found in the subdirectories of the monitored folders and revert to the original Logon screen image.


– Quick, easy installation.
– Users can change the logon screen image manually or set the program to do it automatically using a customizable image or folder collection.
– Customizable image rotation frequency.


– None worth mentioning.


Logon Screen Rotator is a very simple application, yet it has all the needed functionality for its purpose. With this program, Windows 7 and 8 users will be able to easily customize their Logon screen and shuffle images using the built-in image collection or a custom one.