Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder: Simple product key finder

If you have ever wanted to find the product key for Windows or any program in your computer, you will know that it is not a very easy or pleasant experience. Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder aims to ease that process, however, by finding and displaying your product keys.

Installation & Requirements

The installation of the program is very simple. You only have to go through a couple of windows before finishing. You will also have the option of starting the application immediately after it is installed. The program supports all versions of Windows, even the ones pre-2000.


There is not much to say about the interface of the program. It is designed around simplicity so the interface is quite basic. When you start the application, it will automatically retrieve the keys for any of the programs it supports. Keep in mind that the list of programs it supports is by no means exclusive. In fact, a nag screen in the application will inform you of another program that supports more applications and their product keys.

To see a product key, you simply have to click on an application in the left side of the window. Most applications will also have more information rather than just the product key like the company’s name and information about the registered user if it exists. An unfortunate side effect of the Windows Registry is that the application will also display information about programs that are no longer installed on your computer. This is because the installers are not always doing a great job when it comes to cleaning up the Registry and the program will think that they are still installed.

The good thing about the application is that tech savvy users can fully configure its files to add support for more programs. However, this feature is reserved for users who are willing to manually search the registry for information first and then add that to the configuration list. Even though that is a hassle in itself, it is still nice to have all of the information readily available in one place. Finally, users can retrieve product keys from older Windows installations or installations in other drives. You will only need to have the Windows folder of that installation and the program can automatically retrieve information about them I you point it to the folder.


-Fast installation
-Very easy to use
-Decent information readily available
-The ability to customize the files


-Limited in product support


If you need to find out your Windows product key fast and easy, then Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder might be good for you. If you are lucky, you might even get a supported program. However, it is debatable whether users will find the information they are looking for or not. Still, the application is free so it does not hurt to try it.