Make the most out of Instagram using 3D Touch

3D Touch is a huge step forward for iOS and even though only iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users have this functionality right now, it does significantly improve how we can interact with apps as well as iOS itself.

Even at launch, a large number of developers hurried to provide 3D Touch support within their apps and since then, popular titles have further expanded 3D Touch functionality.

The Instagram app is no exception and if you frequently use it on your iPhone 6s then you cannot ignore its 3D Touch features so keep reading to find out how to improve your Instagram experience using 3D Touch.

On your profile page

Instagram peek and pop

With thumbnail mode enabled, you can force tap photos to peek at them, on anyone’s profile page (including your own). This way, you can quickly view the pics with no need to open them on another page. Moreover, you can pop if you press a bit harder to write a comment or like the photo.

On your timeline

Instagram peek and pop 1

Peek and pop can be put to good use on the timeline as well. From there you can force press on a user’s profile to peek at his latest posts while still remaining on the home page. Also, you can apply more pressure on the screen to pop, which will expand the user’s profile so you can get a better view of what they posted.

On your activity page

Instagram’s Activity page also supports 3D Touch thus, you can view a photo’s preview by force-pressing on its thumbnail in the ‘You’ tab, and do the same to see a user’s profile preview. Peek is also available on the ‘Following’ tab, allowing you to view photos liked by other users without opening them on a different page.

On Instagram’s icon

Instagram icon 3D Touch options

Last but not least, you should definitely make use of Instagram’s 3D Touch menu. Force-press the app’s icon and you get options to quickly create a new post, jump to the Activity page, perform a search and as of last month, switch between accounts.

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