Malware Sniper: Monitor your websites quickly

Since websites are under constant attack from malicious users, even the slightest flaw can lead to an unauthorized user getting access to important information. Malware Sniper wants to stop that by inspecting your website in real-time and helping you fix any security vulnerabilities.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s extremely small size makes the installation a breeze, with few options present like launching the application immediately after the setup is over. Malware Sniper supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8x.


Even though the program is aimed at discovering a huge variety of security flaws and other, more complex vulnerabilities in a website, it could not be any easier to use. Even someone that has absolutely no experience in dealing with website security issues can just install the program and make use of its capabilities.

I fall into that same category and the ease of use is definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of the application. You start it up, give it a list of websites to monitor, begin the process and then just lie back while the program does everything for you. The monitoring interface is quite descriptive, giving you constant information about any threats it might detect.

In regards to configuring the program, the Settings menu can be accessed via the monitoring window. There you will find information about your license as well as configuration options for the program like white lists and more. There are not many options for you to configure, however, as mostly everything is done automatically and without any user input.

Obviously, the program itself is not enough to provide all of the security that you need but it is an extremely useful extra addition. The developers might want to claim that it will protect you against any kind of security vulnerability but you will quickly see that this is not the case. Of course, that is not to say that the program fails its purpose or anything to that matter. Any extra help is more than welcome when dealing with malicious users that would like nothing more than to find a small flaw in your design.

This is especially true because of the program’s scope. It can surely detect the threats and inform you about them but dealing with the issues falls solely upon the website’s administrator. That is quite the long discussion but you do have to possess a certain amount of technical knowledge in order to understand the more complex flaws that the program can discover, the ones that are based more on the actual coding of the website and less on actual threats like Trojans or similar malware.


-Small and light on resources
-Fast scanning process
-Detailed information about the monitoring
-Can be used by anyone


-Not enough options
-Limited scope


If you are serious about securing your website then Malware Sniper will be a very helpful tool in discovering most flaws. Of course, there are quite a few limits in what the program can do so you have to rely on other stuff as well in order to be as protected as possible.