[Guide] Manage attachments in iOS 10 Messages app

The Messages app is significantly improved in iOS 10 and also comes with a bunch of new features meant to enhance your conversations while keeping the app just as intuitive as it was before.

When it comes to managing attachments in iOS 10 Messages app, there is a dedicated tab where you can access them. This way, it’s extremely easy to access all the attachments of a specific conversation but also to perform a number of useful actions like share, save, delete and so on.

How to manage attachments in iOS 10 Messages app

As I already said, the Messages app in iOS 10 makes it easy to manage attachments of a specific conversation in a dedicated tab.

To access it, open the Messages app and open the conversation for which you want to view attachments.

manage attachments in iOS 10 Messages app


Now tap on the “i” icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

manage attachments in iOS 10 Messages app

Scroll down a bit and you will find the Images and Attachments tabs. If you select Images you will see only images that have been shared in the conversation, while the Attachments tab allows you to see all of the files.

To view an image simply tap on it and if you select the Share button you can access the iOS Share sheet from where you can send it via all supported apps and channels as well as save it.

If you have any important images stored in Messages it is wise to save them onto your device since the app doesn’t do this automatically.

iOS 10 Messages attachments 2

While viewing a specific image there’s a list icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Tapping on it will display all image files shared in the conversation as a list, along with their file size, format, and thumbnail.

The list view makes it easy to delete the photos you don’t need. However, you should be aware you cannot delete a photo while you’re viewing it in the Attachments tab but you can delete it directly from the conversation. All you need to do is tap and hold and select “More” to enable the selection tool.

This will let you select multiple images/conversations and once you’re happy with the selection simply tap the Delete button to remove them.

As you can see, it’s really easy to manage attachments in iOS 10 Messages, but if you have any questions we’d be happy to help in any way we can.

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