Manage your online subscriptions on iOS with Billy

With thousands upon thousands of online subscriptions, each of us has at least a few from popular services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Keeping track of them can quickly become a time-consuming task, but we have an easy way you can use to manage your online subscriptions on iOS.

I’m referring to an app called Billy, which provides a friendly layout where you can see all your online subscriptions and set up notifications for them.

If you’re subscribed to various services, Billy can make it much easier to keep track of them, and provides several customization options which we’ll analyze below.

Easily manage your online subscriptions on iOS

You can install Billy by visiting the link below:

Download Billy (iTunes)

With Billy up and running, you’ll have to allow the app to post notifications if you’d like for it to send you reminders.

Adding subscriptions is easy, just tap the + button and you can select one from the list of supported services. You can also use the app’s built-in search function to find a specific service.

Manage your online subscriptions on iOS

Once you’ve selected a service, you can customize its subscription by filling in the monthly cost, select the billing frequency and optionally add a description. You can tap the ‘More Options‘ shortcut to expand the view and customize a few more parameters like the duration and first bill date. Also, you can set a reminder so the app will notify you when the bill is coming due.

While Billy supports a large number of services, some of the may not be listed. In that case, you can manually add a new bill or service. When you try to search for a name that’s not found, a create button appears at the bottom of the screen so you can use it to setup the new subscription.

Then, you’ll be able to customize the same options like for the built-in services, as well as add an icon and set a color.

manage your online subscriptions on iOS

With all your subscriptions and bills added, you can view all of them in Billy’s main window. The app is free to use, although be aware you can only have 4 subscriptions at a time unless you remove this limit via a 0.99$ in-app purchase.

The app conveniently sorts the bills and subscriptions by due date so you can always see the upcoming bill first. Reminders are also useful, as they ensure you’ll never forget to pay your bills. Billy provides a simple way to manage your online subscriptions on iOS at a very reasonable price.

Since you can test the app without unlocking full functionality, give it a try and let us know how you like it in the comments section below.

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