MAPS.ME for Android gives you high-quality offline maps

Using a navigation app that requires an Internet connection can quickly deplete the limited monthly data plans which most of us have. MAPS.ME for Android is a simple, but useful app that lets you download maps once and then use them offline, whenever you like.

MAPS.ME Detailed MapsFree offline maps and GPS

If you’re on a tight budget or a skeptic you can use the MAPS.ME trial app – which is only feature limited. The free app gives you fully detailed offline maps for any country and GPS. This makes a good, honest start, but those missing capabilities are a godsend for long drives. For the decent amount of $4.99 you can upgrade it to the Pro version that offers some very useful extra features.

Routing, offline search and more in the Pro version

With routing, you get clear directions on how to get from point A to point B – this is perhaps the most important feature offered by MAPS.ME Pro. However, the paid version bundles other features that can come in handy such as the ability to bookmark locations, auto-follow mode, an offline search function, the ability to rotate your maps and bookmark sharing options.

Which app version should you use? Obviously if you don’t navigate using maps very often, you can either stick to the free MAPS.ME, or use another app that gives you online maps. Nevertheless, if you need maps frequently and you don’t want to rely on an Internet connection to use them, those 5 bucks you’d need to spend on the Pro version sure look like a smart investment.

What’s your go-to navigation app? Have any of you bought MAPS.ME Pro and is it worth the money? Let us know in the comments section!

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