MaxMem: Memory management made easy

MaxMem is a free, lightweight utility that takes over the management of your computer’s memory, freeing it up whenever possible and speeding up your computer at the same time.

Installation & Requirements

The setup only really has the option of selecting the installation location. After that, it will only take a few seconds to complete as the program is extremely small. MaxMem supports all versions of Windows, starting from Windows 95.


The application runs in the system tray, away from view. The icon changes depending on the state of your memory so you can always know what is happening without having to open any additional windows. Hovering the mouse over it will also reveal the exact amount of free memory. The color of the icon ranges from green to yellow and then red, depending on how much memory is free.

There are really not a lot of options to play around here, probably because that would be detrimental to the way the program works. The configuration menu, for example, allows you to choose the percentile of the memory the program can free in various states as well as what happens when you left click on the system tray icon. By default, clicking on it will initiate a minimum memory cleanup, meaning it will try to free up enough memory to fall into the minimum memory boundary you have previously set.

This brings us to the next subject of conversation. By its very nature, the program will work much differently from one computer to the next. If you just use the minimum boundaries, you will probably not notice much different in your performance, unless you have an old computer with very little memory. But then again, if you use the aggressive functions, it might actually work against your favor by slowing your computer, even on higher-end systems. Of course, the program itself actually recommends you do not use it during times when your computer is operating at high-capacity, such as when you are playing a video game.

Even though all that is true, MaxMem has a few aces up its sleeve that make it a compelling choice for people that want to try out this kind of program. First of all, it is completely free. Furthermore, it is extremely small and will do no permanent changes to your PC. The absolute worst that can happen is that it will slow your computer down during a freeing up process and will then return it to its normal state.


-Very small
-Works without intervention
-Various running modes with decent amount of information


-It might actually do the opposite of what is promised
-Results are too unstable


Anyone who wants to free up some memory should install MaxMem, even if only to see how the program works on their computers. Although these applications do not work for everyone, you have nothing to lose by trying it out.