Merge faces in iOS Photos and improve facial recognition

iOS 10 comes with facial recognition which is used to scan photos stored on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and detect each individual with a unique face, and sort the images into the “People” photos album. If you somehow end up having duplicate, you can merge faces in iOS Photos and improve facial recognition.

For the most part, the Photos app’s face recognition works very well, but it can happen to identify the same face as multiple persons because of various factors such as facial hair, accessories like hats and sunglasses, weight loss or weight gain and so on.

When you merge faces in iOS Photos app you get rid of the duplicates, bu this also helps the app’s face recognition become more accurate since you’re practically teaching it how a person’s face looks like in various situations.

How to merge faces in iOS Photos

While the iOS 10 Photos app recognizes faces automatically, you need to manually asign them names.

All you need to do is navigate to Photos -> Albums -> People, select a face then tap on the ‘+Add Name’ option at the top of the screen, then fill in a name. merge faces in iOS photos

You will get an auto-complete option if that person’s name is already in your Contacts.

merge faces in iOS photos

If you find that you have duplicate faces for the same person you can select them one by one and give them the same name and you will be asked if you want to merge this set of photos.

merge faces in iOS photos

This is one way you can merge faces in the iOS Photos.

For the second method, open the Photos app and navigate to Albums -> People.

In the upper right corner tap on ‘Select’.

Now choose at least two faces and tap on ‘Merge’ and confirm your choice on the following screen.

The more you do this, the better facial recognition will become in the Photos app. This is especially useful since you cannot disable facial recognition in iOS 10 Photos at the moment.

At the very least you don’t need to have privacy concerns, at least not right now. Facial recognition scanning is performed only with local data and doesn’t rely on cloud or other remote services.

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