Metamorphabet Is The Best ABC App for Children You’ve Seen So Far


Metamorphabet [iOS, Mac, PC]

Price: $3.99

An alphabet book or a game is probably the shortest one in our lives, but also one of the most important ones. It shapes our attitude to learning for years to come, and if the ABC is fun, learning is a game – a perfect way to engage the young ones.


Metamorphabet surfaced a few months ago when it won a multitude of awards at the game festivals, including the IGF, as well as was highly praised by users and critics. In early 2015, it hit the iTunes store and at the end of April was released for Mac and PC. Android is yet to come, hopefully, because it’s the kind of educational app that is more of an interactive game, perfect for the youngest audience and their parents alike.


Developed by Patrick Smith, previously known for Windosill, a game that inspired ustwo’s Monument Valley, Metamorphablet is an interactive alphabet unlike anything you have seen before. Its 3D letters come to life as you tap, drag, spin and poke them, making them turn into animals, insects, objects and gizmo, voicing over the letters and words. It is delightfully intuitive and interactive, and young players get the idea right away – because it’s fun.


An X-ray turning into a beautiful xylophone, a parade of letters and a caterpillar in a car after a party of bugs and butterflies – all gorgeously rendered in a unique art style, clean-edged, intense, yet soothing. It’s all very relaxing and laid-back experience, with good voiceover and fun sound score.


The interface is more than easy to get the hang of, and the entire gameplay, or educational experience, is surprisingly organic, natural, allowing children take their first steps learning the alphabet in a fun, playful manner. Truth be told, being an adult, I enjoyed toying with Smith’s alphabet demo no less than my niece. It’s an instant buy if you have young kids. I can’t recommend it more.